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The LFP batteries used in King Long buses are characterized by the highest level of safety:

  • Flame retardant
  • Fault resistance
  • Temperature control system and automatic temperature control
  • Separation of battery packs from the passenger compartment


In addition to battery protection systems, our buses are equipped as standard with systems that monitor the bus spaces that are crucial from a safety perspective.

  • High voltage system space
  • Drive engine compartment
  • Heating furnace chamber
  • Air compressor chambers

In the event of a significant temperature jump, the systems automatically force the cooling of these spaces, and in the event of a source of fire – they activate powder extinguishing charges.


The design of King Long buses is based on a steel frame, protected against corrosion in the process of full-vehicle cataphoresis.

The PEV9, PEV12, and C12E models have been certified to the UN R29 standard, which confirms the highest level of protection for occupants.

In addition, in each of the vehicles, the high-voltage space, or drive batteries, is separated from the passenger compartment.


Mobileye SHIELD+ technology continuously monitors the space in front of the vehicle and in the blind spots on the sides of the vehicle. It identifies potentially dangerous situations and notifies the driver with visual, audible and vibration warnings, allowing them to avoid an accident or significantly reduce its consequences.

Mobileye Shield+ can use up to five strategically placed cameras to detect pedestrians and cyclists from the sides and front of the vehicle.