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Driver asistants


Driver asistants

Driver asistants


King Long buses use an advanced 360-degree camera system, giving the driver the ability to:

  • Overview of the space around the entire vehicle (top view)
  • Displaying guides while manoeuvring
  • By indicating the distance from the curb of the stop bay by means of a line
  • Assisting the driver when reversing with the wide-angle rear-view camera


Mobileye SHIELD+ technology continuously monitors the space in front of the vehicle and in the blind spots on the sides of the vehicle. It identifies potentially dangerous situations and notifies the driver with visual, audible and vibration warnings, allowing them to avoid an accident or significantly reduce its consequences.

Mobileye Shield+ can use up to five strategically placed cameras to detect pedestrians and cyclists from the sides and front of the vehicle.


The E-VISION system is based on 4 cameras located in the front part of the vehicle, and 2 monitors inside the driver’s cabin.

It is an advanced system of electronic rear-view mirrors, extended with a view of the front corners of the vehicle, often remaining in the driver’s blind spot.


The braking system of the renowned KNORR company in King Long buses is extended with the EBA system, supporting braking in emergency situations.

Thanks to the intelligent distribution of the braking force to all wheels of the vehicle, it is possible to stop the vehicle in city traffic on a distance comparable to that of a passenger vehicle.


The DSAC system is an extensive, fully automatic retarder system, which controls the speed when going downhill, taking into account the slope of the terrain, the road system, in order to facilitate driving for the driver and maximize the recovery of electrical energy.

This system supports the driver so effectively when driving downhill that the use of the brake when it is activated is no longer necessary, and the energy recovery force means that after driving up and down the same hill, the vehicle’s battery level can increase.


The C12E model, being a representative of the class of extra-urban vehicles, has been additionally equipped by the manufacturer with a system known from the most modern high-class passenger cars, which is able to recognize that the level of driver fatigue is too high, and further driving may cause danger.

The system warns the driver with a visual message and indicates the need for a break.