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King Long buses are equipped with state-of-the-art LiFePo4 (LFP) batteries, manufactured by the world leader in this field – CATL.

The LFP battery provides the perfect balance between high durability (min. 8 years or 600,000km), the highest level of safety (non-flammability) and an attractive price.

LFP batteries are also characterized by the highest level of ecology, giving the possibility of full recycling after their lifetime, and not containing toxic cobalt in the chemical composition

Each of the King Long models is also equipped with a battery temperature monitoring system and its intelligent regulation using a liquid nitrogen cooling system.


King Long’s many years of experience on the market have resulted in the use of only mid-drive engines in its vehicles. This solution is characterized by failure-free operation and ease of use.

The supplier of propulsion motors is the renowned Canadian company DANA.

The motors of the North American manufacturer are widely used and proven in the drive of electric buses.

High power and torque ensure good vehicle dynamics and usability in all conditions.


Regeneration, or energy recovery, is one of the most important functions in the context of an electric vehicle.

Effective and proper driving of the King Long bus results in up to 30% electricity recovery.

King Long buses are equipped as standard with an intelligent energy recovery control system during free driving, braking and downhill.

By combining the recovery system with the Intelligent Retarder Function (DSAC), the bus automatically controls the speed when going downhill, taking into account the gradient of the terrain, the road layout, maximizing the recovery of electrical energy.